1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words, Angel! Very beautifully written and encouraging to me, as I have two daughters struggling now with dyslexia. The Lord is faithful to provide a way and we are making strides, but I sincerely appreciate hearing your refreshing perspective on dyslexia as a gift of creativity.

  2. Gail Crosby says:

    My 31 year old son has ADHD and Dyslexia. He is very intelligent but struggled in many classes in school. He was always interested in Marine Biology. The Lord lead him to college in Hawaii and he was in an environment with small classes and LOTS of hands on learning. He graduated and now works for a consulting company in Dallas as an environmental scientist. God is great. I know the Lovell’s from church and their awesome ministry to children through their Cowgirls for Christ camp. My gandaughters have gone many times, and just asked yesterday “when is fall camp”! They love Angel!

  3. Susan Carr says:

    Angel what a beautiful young lady you are and an example for many.. we have dyslexic and ADD, and dysgraphia in our family. Annagail is dyslexic along with her mom and uncles. I have seen their struggles and worked with them personally on getting through school. I was just telling Annagail this week how I hear the Freshman girls talking at bible study about the hard time they are having in their classes. A majority of people do not have a hard time with learning book work but it comes a time that it gets difficult and surprise ….they are not prepared. I have witnessed this with my kids and experiencing it with Annagail now! She seems to be doing pretty good with her studies along with her commitments in band and DOLLS program. I believe this is due to her having to work extra hard on the average studies and has adjusted to that work ethic. Sweetheart we all learn something new every day that we wake up! Yes I believe God created us just as we are and we can be a mighty witness through our trials and how we deal with them. Thank you for sharing your story…it is a beautiful one showing your success and love for God!!

  4. Debbie says:

    I totally enjoyed hearing your story and your testimony Angel. As a mother who homeschooled a dyslexic son I understand your struggles. I struggled so much to help him and don’t know if we did all we could. I plan to share this with him for encouragement and especially the video at the end. Thank you

    • Angel Owens says:

      Debbie, I’m sure my parents felt the same way. Don’t beat yourself down for it. I’m sure you did everything you could! Thanks so much for the kind words!

  5. Renee says:

    This post was amazing, and I loved that TED Talk! Holy moly!

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