Photography is not only my professional career, it's my absolute passion, which is why I value each and every client and strive to make your images a work of art that tell a story. I am a Christ Follower and cary that along into my work through joy and positivity in any situation.  I have been where you're at as a bride, which has allowed me to see first hand what many couples truly care about and the memories that are a treasure to look back on. I am a wife, Aussie Mama, Nutella lover and a big time family girl,  I have a heart for traveling and meeting new people and would LOVE to meet you and tell your story through images on the day your surrounded with your family and friends!

I'm the artist behind the pictures you came across through social media, or maybe you're here from a friend who referred you. Either way, thanks for dropping by!

Hey, Angel Here

Facts you might not know...

Top 10


Faith is very important in my life. I believe having a personal relationship with Christ is the #1 thing. I aim to put him at the top of my list daily. At times, I tend to put my marriage or business over my relationship with Christ and this so something I struggle with. Thankfully, I’m continually reminded, I have to make Christ a priority and when I do, it’s so worth it! 

I’m saved by the grace of Jesus Christ!

My Husband Mike!


Seriously he is amazing and is starting his new Journey as entrepreneur! We just hit our one hear anniversary which flew by! I’m so blessed to do life with him as my partner and truly my best friend!


Family Is Everything!

 I’m a big time family girl! Growing up in a family of 7 was the BEST. Now that I’m married, I have a second family and I couldn’t be more blessed by a close relationship with my in-laws. 


Nutella is my weakness

Keeping it real though, pretty much any chocolate is! I tend to crave it a lot while I edit and would 100% live on sweets if I could!



I used to hate this about myself and prayed that God would remove this piece of me... but now I’m thanking him for my creative spirit of dyslexia. So many of us struggle with it, I've been there. What I have learned, is when you can turn a struggle into a positive, you will find your voice. The gift of dyslexia is my “WHY” for being an artist through images.


I LOVE Shopping!

Whether it’s shopping to buy or window shopping I love it all! I will say though, I’m a horrible online shopper. A Few Of My Favorite Stores Are, Dillards, LOFT, Anthropologie And WorldMarket For House Decor


coffee Please

I'm an EXTRA caramel macchiato type of girl


I Never Stop Learning

I LOVE podcasts & trainings! Each week I spend large amounts of time driving and this is when I am so inspired. As an entrepreneur you must work towards your dreams & goals, because they aren’t handed to you. The best way to continue with your goals is by knowledge and being open to learn new things and apply them to your life and business! 


The Notebook is my favorite movie!

Where are my cryers at? I hardly ever cry but put me in front of almost any Nicholas Sparks chickflick or good story, I'll be a mess in tears. This might be why Mike isn't a fan of the chickflicks ;)

p.s. I've Cried In Beauty & The Beast... no joke


Past Jobs

I worked one season on the ski slopes as a snowboard instructor! Such a fun winter season, ready to go back even though I don't like the cold!

 I also worked with my family as horse riding instructor for 8 years! I've enjoyed teaching these things!


As you're on this engagement/wedding planning journey, it can get a little overwhelming at times. From booking a venue, finding "the Dress," choosing all your vendors, down to the little details and seeing the inspiration perfection of pinterest... it's easy to get caught up in ALL the things, trust me because I did too as a bride and it's something you will face! There is nothing wrong with going all out for your wedding, I'm all for that as a photographer, but I'm really "all for" even more, is you two and your MARRIAGE which is what I show up for with each and every couple who trust me to capture just that. 

Marriage is...

I am beyond blessed to be married to such a wonderful man, Mike! He is my partner and my best friend. We are both firm believers in marriage and finding your soul mate, that it is a FOREVER commitment between a man and woman and is a binding promise to not only each other but to God!   

Mike & Angel Owens


I am able to be your extra set of eyes by capturing things, you most likely will be missing! When you get your images back, my goal is that it tells the full story of your day and to capture all those little details that you will be able to re-live through the images....

After all, when your wedding is all over, the images are the thing that you'll be able to treasure for a lifetime!

 I have to let you in on the thing I hated most about myself; the thing I was often disappointed in and tried over and over again to fix. I even prayed that God would remove this piece of me that he created and loved.


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Why Angel...

Here are 8 examples that play a small part in my client Experience

When scheduling your wedding, I will email you the client guide with the two collections I offer so you can review it. We will also, talk about availability to see if I have your date open. Depending on the collection you choose we will chat about the location you're wanting for your Engagement/Bridal photos. If you don't have a specific location that is meaningful to you, I have plenty of beautiful places to shoot at and I love finding new locations. Engagement & Bridal Sessions are so much fun!!


I love to meet with couples whether that's over coffee at a near by shop, a Phone call or even Skype. I also love to hear about your story and how you met and fell in love!! This allows me to better know both of you and your personalities, which comes in great handy when photographing you. Throughout the months between now and your wedding, I will be sending you a few Questionnaire forms that are super easy to fill out, while giving me even better knowledge of how to serve you best.  I will also, send you a wedding day photography timeline so you don't have to stress about figuring out all the times, yourself!! This list I call the WEDDING SAVER I follow and keep track of this list on the day of, to keep everything running smoothly.                        


This is always the BIG question I get asked a lot! After booking a collection, I will send you a super helpful style guide. This goes into detail of what looks amazing in photos and gives it that "classy" look. 


Be prepared for me to get super giddy and have a big smile on my face when I snap a shot. If you haven't caught on yet, I'm talking about the excitement I feel when I know the shot is a keeper! I often hear laughter back from my couples in response to my excitement, which then produces even better "keeper photos" of natural laughter. This is how the session time plays out. There will be times that are more serious, than others I may ask both of you to do something completely opposite.
I hear the phrase, "he's/she's not super photogenic" pretty often before a shoot, or when scheduling. I'm here though to tell you that I try my best to ease any doubts of feeling uncomfortable or awkward. My goal is to make whoever I'm shooting feel like a special model, because both of you are plus, this is a FUN process!


I begin to EDIT your lovely images, this is a 4 week process.  Once the editing time is finished, you will receive an online gallery with a code to download the images from the session, or even to share the gallery to your friends and family on Face Book. Wedding turn around time is 8 weeks!


We will set up a time to meet or chat over the phone! We will go over all the final details and times. I like to plan this a month before because one thing that's true to AOP is not to stress you out. There are so many little last minute things on your list the week before your big day. By having our final meeting one month in advanced, this allows the photography to be something you don't have to stress about because I have you covered!


Well hello, Vacationing for the both of you! But Im referring to after the wedding, what happens with the process and when you receive your images. Within the first week I will send you via email a few sneak peek images! The editing time takes up to 6 weeks. Once the editing is finished, you will receive an Online Gallery with a code to download the images from your wedding! I also have photo albums, prints ect. that I offer, for if you choose to not mess with designing it yourself. I Love offering fine art albums to couples because it's so important to not only offer these special images digitally but to offer them in print.
Giving an album to partents as a gift or displaying them in your home is worth so much.


I am so happy to have this opportunity to capture one of the most important stages of your life, Marriage. You have a very special story, and my hope is to tell about it in the images I capture. Just because we are finished with a session or a wedding doesn't mean I will drop you, because I meant what I said by, "I'm here every step of the way." For my returning clients, I have monthly newsletters with great information about Angel Owens Photography, sometimes free downloads, or special offers or just a go to blog read , ect. I can't wait to capture a lifetime of your memories in your future.